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11" Gasket Scraper


11" Gasket Scraper with wide blade. Nickel - Chrome plated insulite plastic handle.


12" Long Compression Tester


12" Long Compression Tester. Reads up to 300 p.s.i. Flexible hose with side pressure release valve with 14mm and 18mm screw-in adaptors for spark plug holes.


4 Way Valve Stem Repair Tool


4 Way Valve Stem Repair Tool. Valve core screwdriver, rethread valves, valve core easy out, and deflates tubes.


Commercial Safety Gloves


Commercial Safety Gloves (Large). PVC coated sure-grip gloves, diamond shaped PVC sure-grip coating on both sides, yellow, 70% nylon; 30% polyester knit; washable, reversible - any two gloves make a pair, and snug fit for finger freedom.


Commercial Safety Kit


Commercial Safety Gear. Includes PVC coated gripper gloves, 27 dB rated folding ear muffs, and ANSI rated safety glasses.


Flywheel Puller No. 19069 & 19165


Flywheel Puller. For Briggs & Stratton 3 - 3 1/2 HP engines and for 6-7 & 8HP engines. Replaces No. 19069 & 19165


Home Owner Blade Balancer


Home Owner Blade Balancer. It is important to have a balanced blade as it reduces engine wear, stops vibration, and gives a smoother cut.


Hook & Pick Set for Seals & Bearings


Hook & Pick Set for Seals & Bearings. 4 piece set. For easy removal of seals, ropes, rings ect. Packed in plastic pouch.


Magnetic Key Inserter


Magnetic Key Inserter. Companion tool for our DOP42-424. One end formed and equipped with permanent magnet for holding split valve locks. Narrow enough to operate freely in conjunction with compressor.


Oil and Fuel Extractor


Fuel and oil removal and transfer system.  Remove oil and other fluids into the 48oz. plastic container using the provided pump and hoses.  Also use for fuel transfer from equipment to equipment using the universal adapter provided.  Insert the adapter and pump into the fuel opening of the machine needing fuel and the transfer hose into the tank with fuel; pump the handle to start transfer.  Quick and simple operation!


Oil Extractor


Hand operated vacuum pump mounts on 6 liter container to extract fluids from inaccessible or confined areas.  Ideal for oil changes on boats, cars, motorcycles, and lawn power equipment.  Only about 10 strokes are needed to empty most lawnmower engine sumps.  Comes with a removable pouring spout for easy emptying.  Also works great for trapped water.


Piston Ring Compressor


Piston Ring Compressor. Depth: 2", Capacity: 1-3/4" to 3-1/2". Adaptable to all types of rings. Allen wrench included.


Precision Blade Balancer


Precision Universal Blade Balancer.  It is important to have a balanced blade as it reduces engine wear, stops vibration, and gives a smoother cut.


Spark Plug Feeler Gauge


Spark Plug Feeler Gauge. Sizes .0015 thru .035. Contains 25 1/2" gauges.


Spark Plug Wrench


Spark Plug Wrench for Small Engines. Length: 4". Fits: 3/4" & 13/16" plug nuts. Rust proof electro-plated. Replaces Briggs & Stratton No. 19374.


T-Handle Allen Wrench Set


T-Handle Allen Wrench Set. 5 piece set - metric. Sizes 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm. 6" arm T-handle. Ideal for import saws and trimmers.


Tecumseh Flywheel Knocker


Tecumseh Flywheel Knocker 5/8" thread.


Tecumseh Flywheel Knocker No. 670169


Tecumseh Flywheel Knocker 1/2" thread.


Throttle Wire Z-Bender


Throttle Wire Z-Bender. For use with .054 and .072 throttle control innerwire. Easy-grip handle.


Valve Grinder


Valve Grinder long and short self-locking stems.  Special valve grinding bit, small grinding spring, and a vacuum cup furnished is included.


Valve Lifter


Valve Lifter.  Will service Briggs & Stratton, Clinton, Onan, Wisconsin, Kohler, and Tecumseh.


Valve Seating Tool


Valve Seating Tool. Vacuum cup attached directly to handle. For seating valves to seats.


Valve Spring Compressor


Valve Spring Compressor. Ideal for removing and replacing valve springs on small engines. Long and slender, ideally adapted to reach into small recesses. Adjustable steel spring jaws. Cadmium finish.


Briggs and Stratton Otoscope No. 19607


Briggs and Stratton Otoscope No. 19607.


Briggs and Stratton Clutch Wrench No. 19244


Briggs and Stratton Clutch Wrench No. 19244. This is a original Briggs & Stratton tool part number 19244.


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